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The Gastropub Concept

A gastropub is a relatively new category of food and beverage establishment that incorporates the feeling and look of a traditional pub or tavern with innovative and chef driven culinary concept. “Pubs” being traditionally derived from “public houses” that offered food to passing by patrons evolved over the years into more elaborate bars with homemade, rich and heavier comfort food traditional of the country where they were established.

The “gastropub” is the next evolution of the concept making the food as important if not the most important part of the establishment. Often referred to as a “chef driven bar” the gastropub is just that. Pubbelly was developed, created by it’s 3 owners and partners who are chefs and hospitality professionals and who’s passion for food, beverages and service knows no bounds. These same 3 partners own and operate the business on a daily basis and were involved in every step of the process making the pub an extension of their very beings.

The Team

Jose Mendín

Jose Mendín

Founding Partner/Director of Culinary Operations

For some little boys, cow tongue and frog legs constitute the stuff of nightmares. Not so for young José Mendín. Exotic ingredients were simply part and parcel of his great grandmother’s busy kitchen. As one of the first Puerto Ricans to graduate with a culinary degree, her vibrant kitchen inspired him and the grown up Mendín still refers to her tattered recipe books for sage culinary counsel. Though generations apart, Mendín also shared his great-grandmother’s appreciation of culinary education, earning a Culinary Arts Degree from Johnson and Wales University.

After graduating, he worked alongside acclaimed chef Justin Murphy, melding Florida’s regional flavors and Caribbean spices within the hugely popular “Floribbean” cuisine movement at the upscale Turnberry Isle Resort & Club. Mendín went on to train rigorously with Nobu Matsuhisa henchman Thomas Buckley at Nobu London, spending four months under his “master” to learn the proper balance of Japanese influences within a hot kitchen. This training made him an integral part of Nobu Miami’s opening team as junior sous chef and would later set the foundation for his role as chef de cuisine at SUS HISAMBA dromo. Before joining SUSHISAMBA dromo, Mendín’s quest for culinary excellence continued when he traveled to Spain to work at Taller de Cocina Ramiro, a famed kitchen lab located in Castilla y Leon. Mendín continued his Spanish tutelage at the world-famous Meson de Candido in Segovia and the Michelin ra ted El Chaflan in Madrid.

Recognizing many of his significant contributions, the restaurant elevated Mendín to the esteemed title of assistant corporate chef in 2007. In his new role, Mendín is eager to put his culinary signature on the menu at all SUSHISAMBA locations. Mendin in 2008 took the task of opening SushiSamba Strip at The Palazzo in Las Vegas where he got awarded best Asian Restaurant 2009 by The Las Vegas Review Journal. In late 2009 he left Sushi Samba and joined Mercadito Restaurants as Coporate Chef where he successfully opened Mercadito Chicago in September 2009 and Mercadito Midtown Miami in April 2010. At the s ametime he consulted for Sushi Maki restaurants where he changed their menu and gave them a more contemporary and modern twist. “Although some of the cities in which we operate do not have seasons, I like to bring the seasons to them,” says Mendín, citing national purveyors he connects with, from Maine to Oregon, to create his dishes. A media darling, with coverage in Ocean Drive Magazine, NPR and “Despierta America” – the Hispanic version of “Good Morning America.”

Andreas Schreiner

Andreas Schreiner

Founding Partner/Managing Director

Andreas Schreiner started his love affair with food, wine and service at the age of 14 while working with his father at their family restaurant, Augusto’s Cuisine, in Puerto Rico. Andreas grew up cooking, waiting tables, bartending and learning about food from his father who was the Executive Chef for the Hilton International in San Juan before opening their renowned fine dinning restaurant Augusto’s Cuisine. Andreas has over 12 years of food and beverage management experience in 4 countries and is fluent in Spanish, English, German and Italian. Andreas is a graduate of Florida International University’s Hospitality School and holds a Master in Business Administration from NOVA Southeastern University. Andreas worked for Barton G catering and Hyatt Corporation before joining Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts in Palm Beach as Associate Banquet Manager. Andreas then went on to open the Four Seasons Miami property as their Food and Beverage Manager.

Andreas continued his career with Four Seasons in the Bahamas and Costa Rica over the next three years in various capacities before returning to Miami as Director of Food and Beverage for Casa Tua Hotel and Restaurant. After three years with Casa Tua Andreas was recruited to develop open the acclaimed Elysian Hotel in Chicago where he held the position of General Manager of Restaurant Operations. During the first months of operation, Andreas and his team were able to achieve nominations for “Best new restaurant of the year” for both Chicago restaurants. Andreas decided to returned to Miami in 2010 as General Manager of Operations at Casa Tua with the goal of establishing himself in Miami and developing his dream of opening & owning a restaurant company of his own. Andreas passion for restaurants is in his blood and drives him everyday to be innovative and creative. Andreas passion for wine and spirits led him to achieve the official sommelier certification from the Court of Master Sommeliers.

Sergio Navarro

Sergio Navarro

Founding Partner/Chief Designer

As a child, Sergio Navarro trained at his Basque mother’s side, learning first-hand about the specialties of the region’s fresh, seasonally-focused country fare. He knew his calling was food which subsequently turned into a culinary arts degree from Spain’s prestigious Hotel Escuela Comunidadde Madrid after which he cooked in a variety of renowned Spanish kitchens including La Broche, with Chef Sergi Arola. The restaurant was awarded two Michelin stars under Navarro’s guidance as souschef and pastry chef. Steeped in the rich imagination of the Basque culinary avantgarde, Navarro explored how different ingredients and techniques can manipulate texture and temperature. He developed a passion for uniting precision and humor on the plate, deftly turning familiar dishes into new and exciting flavor pairings. The opening of La Broche in Miami brought Sergio to the United States in 2001.

Working alongside rising star opening chef Angel Palacios, La Broche Miami immediately made an impact on the city’s vibrant mix of Latin American, European, and American cultures. Sergio continued to explore the bold fusion of disparate ingredients and technique, but this time with a focus on ensuring that each new dish was delicious, not simply a feat of kitchen pyrotechnics. He proceeded to Mundo with Norman Van Aken and then had a stint as sous chef of Nobu Miami. Before coming to Mercadito Restaurants, Navarro was the corporate pastry chef for the Sushi Samba restaurant group where he fused Brazilian flavors with Japanese technique and Peruvian culinary traditions. As chef de cuisine of Mercadito, Navarro took his signature style and translated it seamlessly to Mexican cuisine. He seeks to provide diners with imaginative dishes that inspire the senses. In his new role, Navarro brings an innovative culinary perspective to the menu and presents traditional ingredients with contemporary flair and articulated flavors. He later joined The Mercadito Restaurant Group and has been a vital part in the success of Mercadito Midtown Miami opening in April 2010

Best Chef Semi
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