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Love To Dream Swaddle UP, Pink, Small, 7-13 lbs, Dramatically Better Sleep, Allow Baby to Sleep in Their Preferred arms up Position for self-Soothing, snug fit Calms Startle Reflex

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Once you set your baby to sleep on their back, their natural position will be for their arms to go up. The Love to Dream Swaddle UP Original comes with a design which allows you to swaddle your baby with their arms up in this natural position. The reason behind baby's want to have access to their hands is that when they get up at nighttime , they wish to self-soothe, which is simply stroking their lips or sucking in their fingers. If they are swaddled by using their arms restricted, they can't do this, that causes them to wake, get frustrated, and attempt to get out of swaddles. The Swaddle UP is just a blend of cotton along with Elastane made to be snug and cozy round their torso, contain baby's arms, and calm the startle reflex, encouraging a long, relaxing night's sleep for Mom and baby. The Swaddle UP is preferable to swaddling your baby with blankets. Using all the Swaddle UP, there are no wrapping techniques required without the probability of loose blankets in your baby's crib. The Swaddle UP's dual zippered design allows you to complete diaper fluctuations while keeping baby swaddled and does not have any pesky snaps, noisy Velcro or catchy wrapping, ensuring that your baby remains comfortably swaddled all evening . In addition the Swaddle UP has lots of room for baby to move their legs and hips, and recently received recognition from the International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI) as being a'Stylish Healthy' product. The Love to Dream Original Swaddle UP is Stage 1 in Love to Dream's 3 Stage Sleep System. Since 2008, Love to Dream has been finding yet genius solutions to everyday parenting and baby needs. Thus everybody in your family will attain a better night's sleep.

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