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10 Best Electric Violin For Beginners (2023 Update)

If you’re looking for the best electric violin for beginners, you’ve come to the right place! Electric violins are an excellent tool for budding musicians to learn and practice on. They’re also great for creating unique and interesting sounds in music production. So, before you make your decision, here’s a quick guide to help you find the perfect electric violin for beginners.

Firstly, you’ll need to consider the cost. Electric violins can range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand, depending on the brand and features you’re looking for. Be sure to do your research and find the best deal for your budget.

Second, look for a model with a good sound quality. Electric violins should produce a warm, full sound that is pleasing to the ear. You may also want to consider models with built-in effects to add more variety to your sound.

Third, you’ll want to make sure the electric violin is comfortable to play. Look for a model with a comfortable neck and body shape, as well as a good balance when playing.

Fourth, think about the type of pickups you want. Pickups are what allow you to plug your electric violin into an amplifier. Many violins come with piezo pickups, but you may want to look at magnetic pickups for a more natural sound.

Finally, consider the accessories that come with the violin. Many models come with a bow, rosin, tuner, and a soft case. These will help you get started playing right away.

Now that you know the key points to consider when looking for the best electric violin for beginners, you can start your search. With a bit of research and some patience, you’ll be able to find the perfect instrument for your needs. Good luck!

10 Best Electric Violin For Beginners

1. Electric Violin 4/4 Black, Solid Wood, Ebony Fittings, Beginner Kit

The Vangoa Electric Violin Full Size 4/4, Black Silent Electric Violin is a perfect fit for beginner violinists, providing quiet moments for families during practice sessions. With its headphone connection, users can be enveloped in melodious sounds without disturbing others and progress rapidly with their skills.

The violin is constructed from premium solid maple wood with a black metallic finish, providing a crisp, resonant, and bright sound. The selected ebony fretboard and solid maple head, pegs, and chin rest ensure durability for a long period of practice. The carbon fiber tailpiece includes four detachable fine tuners for precise tuning, and the robust steel strings add depth and power to the sound. A Brazilwood bow with unbleached natural horsehair is included to pull out the best-balanced sound.

This violin is available in three sizes to fit students, adults, beginners, and advanced players. Its lightweight design prevents arms from becoming tired and sore during long practice sessions. Additionally, this beginner kit includes a hard case, extra strings, rosin, and headphone.

Vangoa Electric Violin is an ideal choice for beginners and those looking to upgrade their instrument. This violin offers quality material, pleasing sound, and useful beginner kit. Vangoa provides a 1-year warranty and customer service for any issues you may encounter.

2. Kids' Electric Violin With 7 Songs & Demo Sounds

Introduce your child to the world of music with this amazing Toy Violin! Our Premium Kid’s Violin is the perfect electrical instrument for beginners, allowing your kiddo the experience of playing a real violin.

The violin features 7 demo songs that your child can enjoy and mimic. The instrument only starts playing when the bow is played across the pad, for a realistic and engaging experience. The violin is made with top-quality materials and features an innovative mechanism that will stand the test of time.

The violin is also aesthetically pleasing, with a brown colour that resembles the polished wood of real violins. It comes in a smaller size that fits your toddler’s shoulder with ease, without creating discomfort.

This prodigy violin is great for smart girls and boys ages 5-6, making it a perfect educational present for toddlers on their path to becoming musicians. Get this incredible musical instrument for your child’s birthday, Christmas, or any other special occasion. Help them begin their musical journey with our Toy Violin!

3. Electric/acoustic Violin Set For Beginners, 4/4 Full-Size, Gift Package.

This Aliyes Electric/Acoustic Violin Set is a special designed gift for kids and beginners. It comes with a hard case, bow and extra strings. The violin can be played acoustically or electrically, making it a silent way to practice with headphones so as not to disturb anyone.

The unique design of this violin will give kids and beginners the confidence they need to master the instrument. It produces a pure, clear, and pleasing sound with a bright tone that is easy to get familiar with. The body is hand carved from solid spruce and ebony fingerboard, pegs and chin rest, with an alloy tailpiece with four integrated fine tuners. Professional technicians have ensured that it is perfectly carved for optimal vibration and performance.

This Aliyes Electric/Acoustic Violin Set is the perfect gift for any aspiring musician. With its unique design and bright tone, it will inspire budding students to reach their full potential. The quality craftsmanship ensures that this violin can be enjoyed for years to come.

4. Electric Violin Set, 4/4 Solid Wood, Silent Fiddle, Black Metallic Varnish, Ebony Fittings

This Diorrin Full Size Electric Violin Set is perfect for beginners who want to start playing the violin. It is made of solid maple wood and has ebony fittings, including pegs, fretboard, tailpiece, chin rest and end pin, making it a durable practice instrument. The Ebony tailpiece with 4 integrated fine tuners allows for precise tuning and the robust steel wire strings add richness and power to the sound.

The violin is fitted with an HVPV-30 active pick-up, complete with tuners of volume and tone, sockets of line out, mic and phone, and an on-off switch. It is powered by a 9V alkaline battery (included). Once the output jack is connected to an amplifier, you can show your talent on stage or parties.

This starter kit includes the violin, bow, headphone, aux-cable, extra set of violin strings, rosin, adjustable shoulder rest with padding and soft rubber feet, cleaning cloth, and a lightweight hard case with pockets, backpack and shoulder straps.

This electric violin is perfect for those who want to start playing the violin without disturbing others, as it can be played with earphones. The quality material and good sound make it a great choice for beginners, as well as for more experienced players. With this Diorrin Electric Violin Set, you can practice for long periods and take your music to the next level.

5. Mirio Black Electric Violin 4/4, Solid Wood Fiddle W/ebony Fittings, Beginner Kit For Adults & Teens

This Electric/Silent Violin Full Size 4/4, MIRIO Black Electric Violin is made of high-quality material, featuring a solid wood metallic electric fiddle with ebony fittings and a bright light surface. The selected maple fretboard ensures smooth playing while the solid maple head, pegs, and chin rest are durable for long-term practice. This electric violin is ideal for beginners who want to practice silently without worrying about disturbing their neighbors, as they can plug in their headphones and enjoy the music without anyone else hearing it. There is also an output jack which allows connecting the electric fiddle to an amplifier, so the user can show off their talent on stage or at a party.

The lightweight design of the electric violin makes it comfortable to hold for long periods of practice, and an adjustable, comfortable chin rest ensures the user can play freely without injury. The instrument also features four fine tuners for tuning to optimum tone, plus a compact and durable brazilwood bow with unbleached natural horsehair for a balanced sound.

The kit includes a lightweight hard case, bow, rosin, aux cable and headphones, bridge, four strings, and a 9V Alkaline battery. Customers can purchase this electric violin with confidence, as the company offers a three-year warranty and aims to provide customers with high-quality products and sincere service. If any problems arise, customers are encouraged to contact the company for a satisfactory solution.

6. Electric Violin 4/4, Full Size, Silent, Black

This 4/4 Right Hand Electric Violin is perfect for the budding musician. Its 9V battery-powered design enables you to practice without bothering others, and it can be connected to most guitar amps or PA systems for amplification. With control knobs on the face of the violin, you can easily adjust the tone and volume during performance.

The violin is designed with a hollow body and smooth, rounded corners, making it lightweight and portable for easy carrying. It has a fantastic pearl finish that adds a unique and stylish appearance. The bow is made from solid wood, hand-carved for stability and strings made from 100% natural horsetail hair for greater elasticity and strength to produce a full rich tone.

This electric violin comes with all the necessary accessories, including headphones, an aux cable, shoulder rest, violin tuner, spare strings, rosin, and a violin case. The violin case is designed with large slots to secure the violin and bow safely in place and a soft velvet-like lining to prevent scratching and dirt.

This electric violin is perfect for practicing, recording, or performing on stage. Its lightweight and portable design, complete outfit of accessories, and easy volume adjusting make it an ideal choice for beginners.

7. Electric Violin Kit, Solid Wood, Ebony Fittings (Blue)

The Cecilio Silent Electric Solid Wood Violin with Ebony Fittings is the perfect electric violin kit for any musician. This full-sized 4/4 size violin has been hand-carved from solid maple wood with an ebony fingerboard, pegs, chin rest, and tailpiece. The body of the violin was designed with four detachable nickel plated fine tuners. This premium instrument is then finished with a metallic blue varnish.

The Cecilio violin kit also includes a lightweight hard case, Brazil wood bow with unbleached genuine Mongolian horsehair, quality rosin cake, bridge, auxiliary cable and headphones. All of these components are powered by a 9V Alkaline battery (included).

The Cecilio Silent Electric Solid Wood Violin with Ebony Fittings is ideal for those who want to perform with an acoustic violin while being able to plug into an amplifier or sound system. This electric violin is great for a variety of genres including classical, jazz, rock, pop, and more.

The Cecilio violin is backed by a 1 year warranty against manufacturer’s defects. Whether you’re a beginner just starting out or an experienced musician, the Cecilio Silent Electric Solid Wood Violin with Ebony Fittings is sure to be the perfect addition to your instrument collection.

8. Cecilio 4/4 Cvnae-Black+sr Ebony Fitted Acoustic/electric Violin In Metallic Black

The Cecilio 4/4 CVNAE-Black+SR Acoustic/Electric Violin in Metallic Black is the perfect choice for aspiring and experienced violinists alike. This full-sized instrument is hand-crafted from solid spruce and maple, and is designed to deliver a beautiful, warm sound. The ebony pegs, chin rest, and fingerboard provide an attractive and professional look, while the tailpiece with four nickel-plated fine tuners allows for precise tuning.

The package also includes a Brazilwood bow with unbleached genuine Mongolian horsehair, a lightweight foam-fitting hard case for easy portability, an adjustable shoulder rest with soft foam padding and soft rubber feet for comfort, a violin bridge, high-quality rosin, and an AUX cable for connecting to an amplifier or other device.

The Cecilio 4/4 CVNAE-Black+SR Acoustic/Electric Violin in Metallic Black is a reliable, high-quality instrument that is sure to please any musician. Its solid construction and fine craftsmanship make it a great choice for students, hobbyists, and professionals. It also has volume and tone control for customizing the sound to your preferences. With a one-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects, this violin is sure to provide you with years of enjoyment.

9. Electric Violin 4/4 Full Size, Maple Wood, Ebony Fittings, Silent, For Adults/teens

Vangoa Electric Violin is the perfect instrument for any beginner or professional musician looking to practice in peace and style. The violin is made from a lightweight solid maple wood and features a beautiful metallic finish with ebony fittings. It has volume and tone controls on the back of the instrument, allowing you to adjust the desired level of sound for your performance.

The ergonomic design of this violin ensures superior balance and comfortable playing. It has great mobility, allowing for better access to the upper positions, and a lightweight body for ease of use. You can practice your technique in complete silence, without bothering anyone. Once you get better, you can easily connect the violin to an amp to share your music with others.

Vangoa Electric Violin comes with a complete set, so you can unbox and play without having to worry about purchasing any additional accessories. It makes a perfect gift for any family member or friend, thanks to its elegant look and beautiful design. And with a one-year warranty, you can rest assured that you’ll receive the best care and support.

Start playing today with the Vangoa Electric Violin 4/4 Full Size Silent Violin Set. It's the perfect instrument for any beginner or professional musician. Enjoy the peace and pleasure of playing without worry and start making rapid progress today!

10. Mendini Mv 4/4 Metallic Black Violin W/case, Bow, Strings, Tuner, Lesson Book.

The Mendini By Cecilio Violin is the perfect stringed musical instrument for any student or beginner who dreams of playing music. This elegant instrument features a hand-carved spruce top with maple back and sides, a metallic varnish finish, maple fingerboard, chin rest, and an alloy tailpiece with four fine tuners.

The Violin Learning Kit includes a Cecilio violin, one bow, an extra set of violin strings, two violin bridges, a quality rosin, an adjustable shoulder rest with padding and soft rubber feet, a clip-on tuner, and a lightweight hard case with pockets, a backpack, and shoulder straps.

The set also includes a Mendini Violin First Lesson book with instructions on basic techniques and lessons on how to read music. Additionally, a companion download (available online) contains exercises and pieces recorded with solo violin and piano accompaniment.

It is important to handle the instrument with care, especially the tuning pegs, which must be handled with care and pushed in when adjusting. The bridge will not be set up to avoid damage during shipping.

The Mendini By Cecilio Violin is the perfect beginner’s choice, as it includes all the necessities to start learning how to play. With its elegant design and complete learning kit, you can be sure to get the most out of your musical experience.

Best Electric Violin For Beginners FAQs

How much is a decent electric violin?

A decent electric violin can range from around $200 to $2,000 or more depending on the quality and features. Entry-level electric violins are usually made of plastic and have basic features, while more expensive models are made of wood and have more advanced features such as built-in pickups, preamps, and effects. Higher-end electric violins also tend to have better sound quality and playability. When shopping for an electric violin, it's important to consider your budget, playing style, and desired features. It's also important to try out different models to find the one that best suits your needs.

Is an electric violin good for a beginner?

Yes, an electric violin can be a great option for a beginner. Electric violins are typically lighter and easier to play than traditional acoustic violins, making them a great choice for those just starting out. They also offer a wider range of sounds and effects, allowing the player to experiment with different styles and techniques. Additionally, electric violins are often more affordable than acoustic violins, making them a great option for those on a budget. However, it is important to note that electric violins require an amplifier to be heard, so if you plan to play in a group setting, you may need to invest in additional equipment.

Which electric violin should I buy?

When choosing an electric violin, it is important to consider your budget, playing style, and desired sound. If you are a beginner, you may want to start with a lower-priced model. If you are an experienced player, you may want to invest in a higher-end model. It is also important to consider the type of sound you are looking for. Some electric violins have a more traditional sound, while others have a more modern sound. Additionally, you should consider the type of pickups the violin has, as this will affect the sound. Finally, you should consider the type of bridge the violin has, as this will affect the playability. Ultimately, the best electric violin for you will depend on your individual needs and preferences.

Which violin is best for beginners?

The best violin for beginners is one that is well-crafted and made of quality materials. It should have a good tone and be easy to play. Look for a violin with a spruce top, maple back and sides, and ebony fingerboard. The strings should be of good quality and the bridge should be properly fitted. The bow should be made of quality materials and have a good balance. It is also important to find a violin that is the right size for the player. A good teacher or luthier can help you find the right size. Finally, make sure to get a good case and rosin to protect and maintain your instrument.

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